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Remanufactured 9mm 115 Grain RN 1000 Count Bulk Ammunition

  • Northern Hills Precision Ammo
  • Remanufactured
  • 9mm 115 Grain RN
  • 1000 Count Bulk Box
  • Copper Plated
  • Quality Guarantee


Technical Specs:

Caliber: 9mm Bullet Weight: 115 Bullet Style: Plated Round Nose Case Type: Brass & Nickel Muzzle Velocity: 1150

Reviews (68)

Reman 9mm 115 grain

Written by Julius on Nov 10th 2017

I've run about 2k of these rounds through my Springfield XD and have had 0 issues. Can't beat these prices for plinking. No reason not to give this 5 stars...

Good product

Written by Pinot grigio on Nov 9th 2017

I shot maybe two thousand rounds of this ammo so far and don't see any difference between this and factory new ammunition. I get occasional malfunction but who doesn't? Good product, I recommend it to my friends.

Northern Hills Precision Ammo Remanufactured 9mm 115 Grain RN 1000 Count Bulk

Written by Rick Robinett on Nov 8th 2017

Shoots like it should, no complaints. Will order again. Thanks, Ammo marketplace for a great deal on great ammo.

9mm remanufaftured ammo

Written by Ken Whalen on Nov 2nd 2017

I bought 1000 rounds of 9MM REMANUFAFTURED AMMO and they have fired flawlessly . They seem a little hotter than the brand that I normally use but that isnt a problem.

Great ammo

Written by Will great on Oct 5th 2017

Amazing clean inexpensive. Allowed me to shoot more. No ftf no fte. So good I had to call and tell them personally thank you!


Written by Ryan on May 14th 2017

Arrived quickly and exactly as described

Ammo to trust.

Written by chris S. on May 3rd 2017

This ammo is as trustworthy as it gets. After 1500rds have had no failures to fire. All from the middle class NR9MM115RN(1000). I will be back!

Great Ammo

Written by Jonathan Smith on Apr 29th 2017

This product is solid. There remanufactured process is top notch. They have great customer service as I have called in to talk to them numerous times. Would not hesitate on purchasing products from these guys. Thanks for standing behind a great product

Remfr 9mm 115 Grn 1000 Rnd - good stuff

Written by John on Apr 16th 2017

2/3 thru my 2nd box. Put then thru 3 different pistols. No misfires. Received exactly 1k both times. 16 cents a Rnd. Fast shipping. No complaints!

Love this ammo

Written by Dustie on Apr 13th 2017

Just ordered my third box and not a single misfire, fast shipping, best price out there!!

9mm polymer rn

Written by Tuan Nguyen on Apr 10th 2017

I purchased 1000 rounds of the polymer coated RN. Shipping was fast and includes a military discount. Tha ammo had no issues other that excessive smoke. I like the accuracy of these rounds....comparable to factory in certain brands. I had 2 misfires. ..however after reloading it again...they both fired. Im happy with this ammo and ready for more.

Great ammo, great price!

Written by Dustie on Mar 18th 2017

300 rounds in, no issues. Fast shipping, quick responses to customer service questions! Already ordered a 2nd box.

Grat ammo,great price!!!

Written by Chris Stothard on Feb 22nd 2017

Shot 500 of the 1000 rounds ordered and had no FTF's and they all shot cleaner and just as accurate as the Remington UMC's I had been shooting. Nice job, keep up the good work!

Awesome people

Written by Levente Mihaly on Feb 20th 2017

I loved the price and quality of the product. Count me in as a return customer.

Polymer reloads

Written by DArin BAir on Feb 20th 2017

The polymer coated 9mm jammed in my xds 9mm and cost me $100 to have removed by a gun smith.


Written by Brian Hampton on Feb 19th 2017

Very pleased with the quality of the ammo, will be checking out the performance aspect this week at the range. Thank you

Great Deal

Written by Andrew on Feb 19th 2017

I have shot roughly 3/4 of my ammo without any issues. Shipping was fast. I will be ordering this again.

Northern Hills Precision Ammo

Written by Colin Sargent on Feb 18th 2017

Most of this ammo was good, but I had 1 case rupture inside my Hi Power, and I identified 2 dangerously cracked cases out of the lot of 1000. Might purchase again if a bit cheaper, but it seems like a few bad rounds get through the QC.


Written by Rick Alarcon on Feb 18th 2017

Great ammo at a great price and with AWESOME shipping price!! Thank you so much!!

great ammo

Written by jason bates on Feb 18th 2017

ordered 1000 rds got 1001. have not any problems in all 5 of my guns from hi-points to eaa ,taru, sccy great stuff will buy more soon.

practice ammo

Written by Larry Smith on Feb 18th 2017

Great practice ammo,only one bad round out of 2000 ,9mm and none out of 1000 rounds of 45 acp

200 down 800 to go

Written by Christopher Degrange on Feb 18th 2017

Nice stuff here. Put 100 through a g19 gen4 and 100 through a beretta 92. No malfunctions, and a whole lot cheaper than I can buy retail.

Great people to work with.

Written by Patrick Collins on Feb 17th 2017

Despite the weather in their area, ammo shipped fast. When I called to check on my order, they were very friendly. I have not had a chance to shoot the ammo yet but apon quality check of 1000 rounds, not 1 round had a turned bullet, unlike another company I had ordered from (which had 4/1000). I will definitely be ordering from Ammo marketplace (Northern Hills) again.

Excellent ammo

Written by Payden Harned on Feb 17th 2017

Great ammo at a great price I will be buying more very soon. That said I was a bit disappointed at the delay between my order and when it was shipped. If not for that they would have easily gotten five stars.

Quality remanufactured ammo

Written by Lisa on Feb 14th 2017

We've purchased 3-4 thousand rounds of bulk ammo and have been pleased with the quality and best of all the price. Will continue as long as the product is available. Fast and always great communication on our orders.

Excellent Ammo and price

Written by Timothy Gallagher on Feb 12th 2017

Excellent ammo and price, have fired over 500 rounds at range and not a single misfeed or misfire. Definitely will be reordering.

Good. Not great.

Written by Benjamin Maether on Feb 12th 2017

99% of this ammo was very consistent. A few had different casing and/or the bullet was not seated into the case correctly. My VP9 ate the 1st 300ish rounds with only 1 malfunction, which most likely the gun and not the ammo. Once the VP9 was dirty, it didn't like the ammo at all; multiple malfunctions with every mag full. My G19 and M&P Pro ate this ammo with no malfunctions at all. Good ammo for the price; not great. Definitely a good range day ammo!!

Great purchase

Written by Sean Huss on Feb 11th 2017

Got the ammo for just over $0.17 per bullet. Shot about 100 so far with no jams and the gun was pretty clean after. I would definitely buy again.

NHP 9mm 115 gr

Written by undefined on Feb 10th 2017

1,000 rounds. All went bang. At this price I will buy more.

Reloads 9 mm 1000 round bulk pack

Written by R J Rancont on Feb 10th 2017

Only 16 rounds are questionable, and of these, only one had a projectile clearly seated too low in the case. I will buy in the future.

Will be ordering more!

Written by Kris Wiedefeld on Feb 10th 2017

Everything was great on my first order! Easy to order, good shipping price and shipped very fast. Fast shipping is especially appreciated! The only thing I found was 4 (so far) unusable bullets. Projectile was set too far into shell making the bullet unusable. I will send a picture of what I have if it will help with quality control if that will help at all. Otherwise a great experience and I'm looking forward to ordering more! Thanks!!

Ammo shipment

Written by Luat Pham on Feb 10th 2017

I placed an order 1000 9mm bullets. They were responsive to my order. I receive the package quicky and safely.


Written by Brian on Feb 7th 2017

So far so good with this ammo. No FTE, FTF, just bang after bang! Fast shipping and a great price too.

Ammo Marketplace Northern Hills 9mm 115 grain

Written by Eugene on Feb 7th 2017

This ammo is sweet. Very please with price, delivery, and quality. The brass is nice and shiney. Have not experienced any problems at all. It's good stuff.

Fast service-quality reloads

Written by Jaosn Harlan on Feb 6th 2017

I placed my order on Thursday. I received my ammo the following Tuesday. Quality reloads, (150 rounds fired). Looks to be a good lot. I will be buying more in the near future.

Ammo Consistent With Price Point

Written by Robert J. on Feb 6th 2017

This is cheap, reloaded ammo. Cartridges look like they were loaded in someone's basement. Out of 200 rounds so far, I've had ten failures to fire in a Springfield XD9. I've also had every round eject into my face after firing with my Sig P320. On the plus side, this ammo is the cheapest 9mm I've found anywhere and shipping and delivery times were very good. Be aware, you get what you pay for.


Written by Jan Gentry on Feb 4th 2017

Great product

Northern Hills 9mm ammo.

Written by Richard Morris on Feb 3rd 2017

Great ammo. Great price. Used in several different guns with absolutely no problems. Will buy again.

Outstanding product and a quick shipping

Written by jviz4u on Feb 1st 2017

Outstanding product and a quick shipping


Written by undefined on Jan 28th 2017

Good price. Fast shipping.


Written by undefined on Jan 28th 2017

Great ammo great price !!

Impressed so far

Written by Shawn Chausse on Jan 24th 2017

After sorting through the ammo only had one that was over crimped and not usable. Was also one short had 999 so far have fired off a hundred with no problem

Very satisfied customer!

Written by Logan Savory on Jan 23rd 2017

The deal was too good to pass up. This was the first time I had ever bought ammo online just because I didn't know about how reliable it would be, like what if it was lost in shipping or delivered to the wrong location. I chose the adult signature option on shipping and they stopped shipment if there wasn't a person over 21 there and required a signature and they would have tried three times if I needed them to! Overall the whole experience was awesome the ammo functioned flawlessly and I absolutely will be buying again.

9mm Ammo

Written by RObert Scoggins on Jan 22nd 2017

The Ammo arrived as per schedule. Ammo was good and clean and fires well. No issues with buying or using


Written by john johnson on Jan 19th 2017

great product and fast shipping thanks!!

1000 rds. 9mm

Written by Chris Schroepfer on Jan 17th 2017

Satisfied with the product and service. Keep up the good work.


Written by undefined on Jan 15th 2017

Quick Shipping, and always high quality anmo

Good transaction

Written by Scott Hasson on Jan 15th 2017

Excellent ammo and good transaction

Northern Hills Precision Ammo 9mm 115 Grain RN 100

Written by undefined on Jan 15th 2017

Was able to track shipment from warehouse, quick delivery; excellent quality ammo. Will order again.

9 mm bulk ammo

Written by bill0246 on Jan 15th 2017

received in a timely manner even considering a storm and holiday bustle also. Haven't really tried it much yet but it looks great.

have not received my order

Written by Jeff Foster on Jan 15th 2017

placed my order on 12/21. today is 1/15, asked for tracking info but have not heard back from

Great shopping site

Written by Jim on Jan 14th 2017

Plenty of special deals. Great prices. Easy to shop, Easy to buy.

9mm ammo

Written by undefined on Jan 14th 2017

Ammo shot great! Came as expected great value, I would order again!

Good ammo

Written by Amy McConnell on Jan 14th 2017

I received 1014 9mm reloads. I have put about 100 of them through my springfield XDS, no problems.

9mm ammo

Written by Eric on Jan 9th 2017

I ordered again from Ammo Marketplace again, because they have the best prices per round and the best shipping rate. They deliver it fast, right to my doorstep. Awesome!!!

Good experience

Written by Robert Rood on Nov 14th 2016

My first order to Ammo Marketplace, in testing several suppliers. Good experience, and I would order from them again!

9mm ammo

Written by Don F. on Nov 13th 2016

Thank you for manufacturing excellent ammo at an excellent price. The best by far that I've had and purchased ANYWHERE with the prices you offer. I only hope you would have more in stock to accommodate the amount of bulk I wish to purchase from you. Keep up the good work and keep it coming!!! Quickly.... Thanks.

Ammo purchase

Written by John MAtalon on Nov 11th 2016

The ammo is fine, the time it took to ship and receive was very poor. I don't want to wait that long for you all to ship out the purchase, it should be shipped the following business day not the following business week. Shipping is an important part of a purchase and shouldn't be casually overlooked

Fast, Efficient Transaction

Written by David Garcia on Nov 11th 2016

Everything was easy and smooth. Great pricing on the 9mm rounds.

9mm ammo

Written by al on Nov 8th 2016

Everything was perfect. It came on time and in excellent packaging. This is my first time ordering from this company and I will do so again. I was pleased with the product and how it was shipped.

9mm Ammo

Written by Kevin on Nov 1st 2016

Clean rounds, great price, fast delivery. Cannot ask for more.

9mm ammo

Written by Brian T on Nov 1st 2016

Ammo looks like new stock. Count was exact.

9mm 115 gr. 1000 count

Written by John Watson on Oct 31st 2016

Order received in good time was in good order, and the bullets looked like new, very satisified with order and company....

9mm Reman purchase

Written by Shawn Burnach on Oct 31st 2016

I can't complain about the quality, or availability of the ammo I bought. I was a little surprised at how long it took to ship though. I'm use to things being shipped same day, or next day, if they're being disclosed as "in stock." Simply put, I'm happy with my purchase, and I understand the shipping wait for next time. Thanks Ammo!

Northern hills precision Ammo 9mm

Written by Antonio Bucci on Oct 28th 2016

Very satisfied

Perfect transaction

Written by undefined on Sep 24th 2016

Shipping was fast and accurate! Ammo was exactly as described! It was a perfect transaction.

Great deal and great transaction!

Written by Tammy Dotson on Aug 8th 2016

Good deal on ammo and easy to place/receive order!


Written by Luke on Jul 17th 2016

A great review on

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