Shipping Restrictions

United States Ammunition Shipping Restrictions

Ammo Marketplace Shipping Restrictions Map

Some Laws Prohibit the sales of ammunition through online retailers or mail order. We don't make the laws, but we are required to follow them set by each individual state. Ammunition cannot be shipped to the Areas in Orange, unless you have an FFL.

Other areas, listed in Yellow below, require a license or permit to purchase ammunition. If ordering from any of these areas, please email a copy of your permit to Once received, we will keep it on file for your future purchases.

Due to FedEx Ground regulations, we are unable to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, and P.O. Boxes.

Additional rules and regulations can be found on the ATF website.


Contains resricted zones: Please provide an FFL for shipments to Marin County, Oakland, Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Beverly Hills.


Statewide: Ammunition Eligibility Certificate and government issued photo ID required


Statewide: Firearm Owners Identification card required

Contains resricted zone: Please provide an FFL for shipments to Chicago.


Statewide: Firearms Identification Card required

New Jersey

Statewide: Firearms/Ammunition Identification Card required

New York


Washington, D.C.